Australian Sparkling Ale


Recently added to the BJCP style guidelines the Australian Sparkling Ale has become a favorite of mine for it’s drinkable crisp character. Cooper’s makes about the only example you can find commercially so it is a good candidate for home brewing.

The first time I tried this recipe was for a clone beer competition and it compared favorably to Coopers and earned a silver.  Recently, my local club C.A.S.K., had a Pale Commonwealth Beer competition.  I had originally attempted a British golden ale for the competition.  However, that beer got frozen about 12 hours into fermentation due to me plugging my chest freezer into the wrong controller.  After thawing out the golden ale it fermented out looked and smelled great, but had a wonky off flavor that I couldn’t put my finger on.  Brewing up this version of my Australian Sparkling was done as a quick stovetop BIAB batch in order to have a worthwhile entry.  The beer scored a 38/39 and won gold in a mini best of show 15 days after it was brewed.

Update: 1 month after winning it’s first medal this beer won a second gold at the Hurricane Blowoff.  The yearly Florida circuit competition hosted by the Palm Beach Draughtsmen.

Update 2: I re-brewed this beer using Pride of Ringwood hops and it scored in the 40’s twice earning another Gold and Silver.

Aussie Glitter Water

O.G. 1.044 F.G. 1.008

IBU 30 (Tinseth)

Mash @ 147° for 75 minutes Mash Out 168° 5 minutes

Grain Bill

51% Pilsner (1.42lb / 643g)

31.9% Munich I (.89lb / 402g)

9.6% Table Sugar (.27lb / 121g)

6.4% White Wheat (.18lb / 80g)

1.2% C120 (.03lb / 15g)

Hops *use pride of ringwood if you can find them*

60m Cluster (.41oz / 11.5g) 7%aa

5m Cluster (.11oz / 3g) 7%aa

0m Cluster (.11oz / 3g) 7%aa

Yeast and Fermentation

WLP 009 @ 66° for 4 days bump to 68° for 4-6 days crash to 33° overnight rack to keg with gelatin.  Target a high carbonation.

*you can culture dregs from coopers or find coopers dry yeast for this beer.

Tasting Notes:

Very well balanced and drinkable.  The aroma has a faint banana under herbal hops.  Flavor is neutral grainy base malt with herbal hop character.  Esters are a little light. Crisp and enjoyable overall and would go quickly on a summer day.  I have to imagine that using Pride of Ringwood hops would give this recipe what it needs to squeeze into the 40’s.  It could also benefit from a rise in fermentation temperature earlier in the process to get a few more esters out of the yeast, maybe day 2 or 3.  I will have to find out.

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