International Amber Lager


Earlier this month I won a silver medal for my first attempt at an International amber lager BJCP category 2b.  I based my recipe off of some research and recipes that were attempting a Yeungling clone.  While my recipe isn’t a clone it compares well in terms of style.


When I sent this off to competition I was pretty sure it would do well enough mid to high 30’s.  It was a clean lager that hit a lot of the style guidelines although I feel like it needed a touch more caramel malt character to really shine.  I am not likely to brew this one again anytime soon as I prefer a good Vienna Lager but if or when I do I would either bump the Crystal 77 up another .25 pound or go with a similar added amount of caravienne or caramunich.  As it is I think the recipe is definitely medal worthy, it was given a 44 and 41 by it’s judges.  It might even sneak out a medal as a vienna lager with its lighter caramel notes and clean fermentation.



Amber International Lager

O.G. 1.050   F.G 1.010

SRM 10.7 IBU: 23.5 (Tinseth)

Batch Size 5.75 gallons Brewhouse Efficiency 80%

Grain Bill

5lb 2oz Pilsner (castle)

2lb 4oz Vienna

1lb 10oz Flaked Corn

12oz Crystal 77

1oz Black patent (added at mashout for color)

Hop Bill

60m .5oz Magnum 12.3% aa

15m .25oz Hallertauer Mittelfreuh 2.4% aa

0m .25oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh 2.4% aa


15m 1/2 tab whirfloc

15m 1/2 tsp Nutrient

Gelatin in keg.

Yeast 2.5L starter of WLP940 Mexican Lager

Pitched @ 46° set the controller to 48° for 4 days Let rise to 64° over a few days.  Then I allow for a week long diacetyl rest before dropping 8° a day to 32°

Was brewed 3/4 and was delivered for judging 3/24

One Judge noted a need for more caramel malt and that the beer was low on carbonation (result of 3 week turnaround).

The other judge suggested more hops which I think would push it into the Vienna realm.


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