German black lager is delicious!  I have brewed this beer three times so far with an average score of a 42 and will have another batch underway this weekend.

The Schwarz Awakens

O.G. 1.054  F.G. 1.012

SRM 26.6  IBU 32 (Tinseth)

Batch Size 6g (5.5g to fermenter)

Grain Bill

59% German Pilsner

30% Munich I

6% Black Prinz

5% Crystal 40


60m .55oz Magnum 12.3% aa

15m .75 Hallertauer 4.9% aa

0m .75oz Hallertauer 4.9% aa


WLP 940 Mexican Lager 2.5L Starter (I have done this recipe with a large starter of WLP029 fermented at 62° and it worked very well)


1:30 minutes O2 Pitch at 46° Set to 48° for 5-7 days. Let rise to 62° for 1 week cool back dow to 32° dropping 5°-8° every 12 hours or so.


This beer truly is stellar in my opinion.  It has won 2 golds and a silver I have also split a batch and put toasted unsweetened coconut and some cacao nibs in it for a week.  That version scored a 40.  It has a wonderful malt character with enough hops to create good balance that accentuates the easy drinking lager characteristics you want in this style.

In a few weeks I am going to tweak this recipe to try a Czech Dark Lager.



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